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Episode 2: Power

This week, we take a look at ‚power’–the role it plays in youth work and church. We discuss power’s connotations, misuses, and challenges as well as offer thoughts on how church leaders can grow in leadership.

Episode released: 21. September 2021

Episode *cough* – In Which Holly and David Vow to ‘Do Better’

We’re back! We promise! After recording one episode, life happened. And summer happened. And kids being home from school happened. So in this extremely brief non-episode, we tell you where we’ve been, what we’ve got planned, and how that one viewer–yes, you–will want to stick around.

Episode released: 3. September 2021

Episode 1: Welcome

In our first episode, we define what we mean by ‚holistic‘ and ‚holy,‘ as well as explain WHY we felt you might be interested in seeing our faces once a week.

Simply put, we’re talking about teenagers and their experiences in church. How are youth pastors, volunteers, and leaders using their power and leadership roles? Has the youth group experience been widdled down to fun and games? How are teenagers being taught to read the Bible, understand consent, manage their emotions, and explore their worldview?

With the use of our personal stories, observations, and education, we hope to explore these questions and more.

Episode released: 10. Juni 2021